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Jul 22

Below 18 y/o Free Spine Screening

Apr 14

脊椎側彎之【錯失治療脊椎側彎的實例】【Case of Scoliosis】

脊椎側彎實例: 由於一些家長對脊椎側彎的認知有限, 這也是為何他們的小朋友錯過了治療的最佳時機。 所謂的最佳時機就是在發育中的小朋友, 因為發育是骨骼成長的時期,也是造成脊椎側彎進一步惡化的快速時期, 錯過了就會像以下的小朋友一樣,就在1年1個月的時間內, Scoliosis case: Many parents are less aware of scoliosis, That’s why their children missed the best time for treatment. The Golden Age of non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment should start as fast as possible, especially before their growth period start. Because the deteriorate of Scoliosis is during the bone growth …

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Dec 04

脊椎側彎之【脊椎側彎惡化速度】【Speed of Scoliosis deteriorates】

为何说脊椎侧弯的黄金期很重要,这是因为脊椎侧弯在發育時期的速度是很快的。 In a teenager, scoliosis is the fastest rate of deterioration. 例子 1 : Case 1 这位小朋友,第一张X光片只有腰椎一个角度,当初就只有9度而已。 This child, the first X-ray lumbar only one angle, it had only 9 degree.   3个月后,她又照多一张,结果胸椎开始形成另外一个弯度, 各别是胸椎8度和腰椎17度。 Three months later, she took another x-ray, curve from one angle become two angles, it was 8 degree and 17 degree.   …

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Nov 23

脊椎側彎之 【什麽是脊椎側彎】【What is Scoliosis】

脊椎側彎顧名思義就是脊椎正面 (Frontal Plane) 原本直直的變彎彎了。 What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is from the front view, the spine is bent on one side.                 正常的脊椎                               脊椎側彎                Normal Spine         …

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