Knee Osteoarthritis

  • A chronic degenerative disorder primarily affecting the articular cartilage of sOA 2ynovial joints with bony remodeling and overgrowth (bone spur)
  • Risk factors :-
    • Obesity
    • Weakness of the Quadriceps muscles
    • Repetitive impact and twisting
    • Kneeling or squatting with heavy lifting
    • Abnormal tibial rotation
  • Grades (Kellgren and Lawrence system) :-
    • Grade 0: No radiographic features of OA are present
    • Grade 1: Doubtful joint space narrowing (JSN) and possible osteophytic lipping
    • Grade 2: Definite osteophytes and possible JSN on anteroposterior weight-bearing radiograph
    • Grade 3: Multiple osteophytes, definite JSN, sclerosis, possible bony deformity
    • Grade 4: Large osteophytes, marked JSN, severe sclerosis and definite bony deformityOA 5
  • Symptoms :-
    • Morning stiffness
    • Swelling
    • Difficult to go up/down stair, squat
    • Feel crepitus


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