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Oct 07

【有效增加骨頭密度的治療】【Power Plate® Building Bone and Whole Body Vibration Training】

          總結 有效增加骨頭密度 有效預防及治療初期骨骼疏鬆症 有效預防老年人跌倒 有效增強肌力 促進肢體平衡 改善姿勢 減少脂肪堆積           Conclusion Increases bone mineral density Is a viable solution to reverse bone loss and to eliminate osteoporosis Is an accessible training tool to help many populations prevent falls and fractures Increases strength Improves balance and equilibrium Improves posture …

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Jul 08

【省時又有效的訓練儀器- Power Plate®】【Very Effective Training method – Power Plate®】

一般有效的肌力訓練需要一個小時半, 而Power Plate® 只需要半個小時一樣可以達到同樣顯著的效果。 Normal fitness training needs one and half hour to achieve significance Increase muscle mass and strength. Now Power Plate® just need half an hour of training also can achieve same improvement.