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Dec 04

脊椎側彎之【脊椎側彎惡化速度】【Speed of Scoliosis deteriorates】

为何说脊椎侧弯的黄金期很重要,这是因为脊椎侧弯在發育時期的速度是很快的。 In a teenager, scoliosis is the fastest rate of deterioration. 例子 1 : Case 1 这位小朋友,第一张X光片只有腰椎一个角度,当初就只有9度而已。 This child, the first X-ray lumbar only one angle, it had only 9 degree.   3个月后,她又照多一张,结果胸椎开始形成另外一个弯度, 各别是胸椎8度和腰椎17度。 Three months later, she took another x-ray, curve from one angle become two angles, it was 8 degree and 17 degree.   …

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