Nov 23

脊椎側彎之 【什麽是脊椎側彎】【What is Scoliosis】

脊椎側彎顧名思義就是脊椎正面 (Frontal Plane) 原本直直的變彎彎了。

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is from the front view, the spine is bent on one side.

                正常的脊椎                               脊椎側彎

               Normal Spine                               Scoliosis

Normal Spine













有些時候也會伴隨脊椎側面 (Sagittal Plane) 彎曲度的變化。有可能一些角度會變大,也有可能一些角度會變小

Sometime it will combine with side view of curvature (Kyphosis or Lordosis) increase or decrease.


當然脊椎也可能伴隨旋轉 (Transverse plane) 的角度。正常的脊椎是沒有任何旋轉,但如果患者患有脊椎側彎,也就會形成旋轉角度,這就是爲何有ADAM測試的工具。

Scoliosis will combine with spinal rotation. The ADAM test can test the spine whether has any rotation or not. If the spine has any rotation, when body bending forward, there will be uneven in their back, normal should be parallel.

adam test


80% of cases are “Idiopathic”. There is now strong evidence to suggest most idiopathic scoliosis is triggered by a genetic abnormality causing unbalanced growth.