Sep 22

脊椎側彎之【脊椎成熟度】【Maturity of Spine】

Risser Sign是脊椎成熟度的一個指標,如果一位小朋友檢查發覺有脊椎側彎,我們可以由此判定這位小朋友是否還是處於發育的時期,到底是處在發育早期或晚期,透過不同脊椎側彎角度的大小及發育的早期或晚期,可以讓我們預測這位小朋友脊椎側彎惡化的機率到底多大。


Risser sign XrayRisser Sign

Skeletal maturity is an important factor in scoliosis because progression will slow or end (unless scoliosis is severe) when vertebral growth is finished.

Appearance of a growth plate at the top of the pelvis are important indicators of skeletal maturity define as Risser sign. The Risser sign is seen as a white line across the top of the pelvis on the scoliosis x-ray.

On a scale of 5, it gives a measure of progression of ossification. The appearance of the Risser sign is divided into five stages. A Risser 1 is when the line extends 25% of the distance across the pelvis, Risser 2 is halfway across, Risser 3 is 75% of the way, and Risser 4 is all the way across. The separation between this line and the rest of the pelvis eventually disappears and the child is considered to be a Risser 5, indicating skeletal maturity.