Jul 13

【分享-腦性麻痺的病患】【Sharing- Cerebral Palsy】




Recently I consulted a cerebral palsy patient’s mother, now this patient is 20 over years old, but his situation is very poor, thin limbs, severe scoliosis, unable to stand, whole body lying in a wheelchair, sitting or any moving functions are not function well. On the bed shifting, all need other people’s help. After examination, the tension of the upper limb is really strong, it is very stiff, and also lead to elbow, wrist and finger muscles contracture;  Lower limb joint stiffness is less than upper limb, at least the knees, ankles muscle contracture is no obvious, but his pelvis tilted is because of scoliosis.

Patient was found his have development delay when he is 1 year old, but in this period he has not received any proper physical therapy, only in government hospitals and private hospitals give some medication, surgery, massage and acupuncture only, one exercise therapy have not been doing. When he was 16 years old, they start to cut down his hospital treatment time even few week once or few month once, and told parents to accept the fact.

If previously he had received proper physical therapy, if they met the proper doctor and physical therapist, his situation would not been so bad? But this is already past, everything can not start over again, we only can start the appropriate physical therapy treatment, and hopefully his activity will be better, have better physical condition, do not have to access hospitals quite frequent and reduce the burden on his family member.